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New Horizon Fortifies Supplement Quality with Signature Touch Metal Detector from Mettler-Toledo Safeline

August 22, 2017 – New Horizon Nutraceuticals is a contract manufacturer that blends quality ingredients with state-of-the-art technology and a genuine commitment to their customers. Founded in 2012, they’ve been achieving impressive growth as they build a large and loyal client base. To protect their product quality while meeting rising demand, New Horizon installed a Signature Touch metal detector from Mettler-Toledo Safeline, which helps ensure the purity and safety of their supplements.

“Our Signature Touch is an essential part of how we fulfill our mission to provide nutraceuticals that empower people to pursue their goals in health and fitness. It gives our customers confidence that we’re putting out a food-safe product. That’s invaluable,” said Rob Wiscount, Owner of New Horizon. “We do everything we can to make our customers successful. It’s a team effort. I’ve worked with Dick DeNenno, our sales rep from Reliant Packaging Machinery, for a long time, and he’s always been straight with me. He said that Mettler-Toledo makes superior equipment, which is why we went with them.”

Inspecting a wide range of supplements and packages sizes at New Horizon, Signature Touch detects and rejects all metal contaminants including difficult-to-find non-magnetic stainless steel fragments and non-spherical fine wire. Its high frequency advanced coil technology and dynamic filtering techniques help maintain the greatest sensitivity and stability while virtually eliminating false rejects.

“We selected the Signature Touch primarily because of its fantastic accuracy, and it’s exceeded all of our expectations. I have yet to see it fail any audit,” noted Wiscount. “In addition to running test strips at the start of each shift, we randomly conduct controlled audits to be sure our operators are following the correct protocol for rejects. We’re extremely pleased with this metal detector's sensitivity. It can find tiny metal particles much smaller than the acceptable industry standard."

New Horizon specializes in the research and manufacture of custom formulations, producing nutritional supplements in unique flavors for a wide range of purposes such as bodybuilding and weight loss. Their versatile packaging line accommodates all their products and containers, including HDPE and PET jars and buckets ranging in size from 300 grams to 50 pounds, as well as polypropylene bags that measure 13 by 20 inches. Metal detection occurs after packages are sealed to ensure the most comprehensive inspection.

“Our Signature Touch has never once produced a false reject when it’s properly calibrated. That’s valuable, because a reject triggers a mandatory incident investigation and report, which consumes significant labor and processing time,” said John Vandenbraak, Director of Operations. “It’s also super dependable in terms of uptime. It’s actually the only machine in our facility that’s never broken down. We’ve never even had to call customer service with a question or problem.”

“Overall, the Signature Touch is very easy to use. It doesn’t take long for a new operator to become proficient,” explained Vandenbraak. “We love that it identifies every user, so we can keep track of who was operating the system, who ran the tests and other information. The different levels of access prevent inadvertent modifications to the program. For example, an operator can select a new recipe during a product changeover and a supervisor has deeper access to create recipes.”

Depending on the size of customer orders, New Horizon changes over their packaging line as frequently as five times a day. With its unique ‘product clustering’ capability, the Signature Touch is able to inspect numerous products on one common setting while maintaining the highest sensitivity. Up to 100 different recipes can be stored in memory for quick and easy recall.
When necessary, a new product can be added with the simple single-pass auto-setup routine.

“The nutraceutical industry is a very large and competitive environment. Strict attention to food safety compliance is every manufacturer's duty to the consumer, and it’s paramount to success,” concluded Wiscount. “This metal detector from Mettler-Toledo Safeline gives us confidence that we’re offering the highest quality supplements at the same time we’re increasing our production capacity to meet demand.”

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